Card. H2O (Geometrical corr.)

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Card. H2O (Geometrical corr.)

This model is the same as the one above developed by Hermannsen et al. [27], except that it uses a  geometrical spillover correction. The operational equation which is fitted to the measured data is

Equation Rb 1 Compartment Op

where Vlv = spill-over fraction from the left ventricle, Vrv = spill-over fraction from the right ventricle. In practice, the left ventricular time-activity curve is also used as the input curve Cp(t).

Implementation Notes

The right ventricle curve is only used for spillover correction of septal TACs. It must be loaded as the Total blood curve. The left ventricle curve serves both as the input curve as well as for spillover correction of all myocardial TACs. It must be loaded as the Input curve.

The right ventricle spill-over fraction Vrv is automatically fixed to zero if the string "Sep" is not contained in the name of the region. The assumption is that such a TAC is not from septal tissue and should thus be modeled with single spill-over from the left ventricle. The reason of this behavior is the usage of this model in the PCARDP tool.