Edit Subject/Study Info and Change Isotope

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Edit Subject/Study Info and Change Isotope

The Edit Subject button in the Tools list brings up a dialog window which allows you to examine and change the demographic information of the current data set.


In case the TAC data was transferred from PVIEW to PKIN, this information is automatically filled in from the image data (if available in the data format). However, the contents can also be edited and saved if required. If the subject is already in the database, the IMPORT SUBJECT INFO FROM facility can be used. With the DATABASE format a selection window opens which allows choosing an image series from the database. The required information will be retrieved and filled into the text fields.

Note the SUV PARAMETERS tab which gives access to the dose and isotope definition.


This information is relevant for some models as well as calculated residual weighting.

Note the BIDS PARAMETERS tab represents an upcoming format which is not yet fully specified and usable.