Plasma/Whole-blood Fraction

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Plasma/Whole-blood Fraction

For the following description it is assumed that the time-course of the plasma fraction has been loaded with Kinetic/Load Plasma Fraction. To configure the interpolation model please select the Blood tab, and set the Plasma radio button.


Note the label Plasma fraction which indicates that the current working mode uses a function to derive plasma activity from whole blood activity. There is a list of models which can be fitted to the plasma fraction data. As soon as a model is selected, its parameters are shown in the Standard pane, and a corresponding model curve is displayed in the curve window as Plasma fraction model.


The Clear fraction data button is available to remove the loaded plasma fraction data. In that case the assumption is that an entirely analytical plasma fraction function will be applied to the whole blood activity curve in order to derive the plasma activity.

The available models are described in the reference section, and fitting works in the same way as explained for the tissue models.